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Top 5 Analytics & Measurement Tools for Your Startup

1. Hotjar

An analytical tool focused on finding areas of opportunity and potential growth, Hotjar also helps with Conversion Rate Optimization. It’s a very complete package for a very affordable price.

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2. Mindnet Analytics

This is a media monitoring system for small businesses that lets you monitor both social and traditional media for your brand. Very useful.

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3. Metrica

Yandex, the Russian equivalent of Google, has released their own expansive analytics tool called Metrica. More expansive and with better looking reports, some people choose Metrica over Google Analytics for privacy concerns.

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4. ClickMeter

Use ClickMeter to track clicks on all your links on your site, which allows you to see how popular the links on your site are, and which perform the best. This helps you figure out what material is most interesting and engaging to your visitors. It’s easy to set up, by just replacing links on your site with tracking links that have the same ultimate destination. There’s even a free plan if you have less than 1000 events (clicks) on your site a month.

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5. Keen.io

With more of a focus on embedded analytics and whitelabel-ready reports that you can pass to clients, Keen.IO focuses on Key Performance Indicators for teams and companies.

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