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LegalWiz.in - Enabling StartUps to focus on growing their business

LegalWiz.in, founded on April 2, 2015, in Ahmedabad, is focussed on enabling StartUps & SMEs to grow their business. Founded to resolve compliance issues that small businesses and startups face, LegalWiz.in is focussed on creating value for it’s 5000+ clients - making compliance simple, affordable, and transparent. The services are aimed at early-stage startups and small businesses to help them stay compliant and maintain legal hygiene while maintaining the highest transparency on deliverables. Businesses should be doing what they are good at and leave the back office and compliance work to a team of business service professionals at LegalWiz.in.

Speaking about the business, Shrijay Sheth, Founder – LegalWiz.in, said “Our primary target market is startups, small businesses and MSMEs. We identify and relate to an existing gap in the market, where quality services and affordability are two ends that often don’t meet for small businesses. Our first validation came from market research and asking friends and family about the challenges they faced related to compliance matters. Our service packages are carefully crafted to address these challenges specifically. The first set of customers came from our heavy involvement in local startup communities. It resulted in being a great trust-building exercise, and initial growth hacked through word-of-mouth. As we now operate at scale, we function as an eCommerce company where great products are marketed through multiple marketing channels with a core focus of reaching out to people who find value in our services.

Some of the highly progressive startups like eChai and CricHeroes are our clients. Also, we have proudly scaled to have larger-scale businesses like Flipkart, Bank of Baroda, Vyapaar Samachar, Instamojo, and more to be in the list of our associates.”

As an online business, Legalwiz.in offers an inquiry to execution experience on a state-of-art web portal. The marketing and content teams are primarily tasked to generate qualified leads through various online and offline channels and create content that is relevant to day-to-day challenges faced by small businesses as they relate to legal and compliance matters. A dedicated calling department within the operations team is a fully client-facing department where professionals advise current as well as prospective clients who call in.  

The other team, along with the network of professional firms nationwide, are for executing client tasks. They keep clients updated with the process and regularly communicate with them. This team carries out the functions that are assigned client-wise, to ensure that each business that the firm works for, remains compliant with the services they have opted for. LegalWiz.in’s greatest value add is a dedicated account manager to each service order, who would ensure standard quality of delivery throughout the entire process. 

Currently a portal attracting about 1 Lac sessions on the site every month, with over 5,000 total paying clients and 30,000+ registrations on the site, LegalWiz.in has doubled the growth every year since our inception in 2015. Last year, the firm had a consistent growth of 20% every quarter, which indicates that we are doing things right. An incredible referral score of 9.6/10 is a testament to how the firm is confident of sustaining and increasing the growth. 

Speaking about future plans, Shrijay Sheth (Founder, LegalWiz.in) said, “As we become more inclusive as a business model and target to hyper-grow as a full service + software provider, we will be looking for funding options in the near term future, with a vision of becoming the most trusted professional service platform in India.” 

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