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 93 days ago
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STRATIS IoT Announces Platform as a Service (PaaS) Expansion with International Partner KDDI

STRATIS IoT announces its formal launch of STRATIS Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) after multiyear trials with KDDI (Asia-Pacific).

STRATIS enables a fully managed, automated, and secure PaaS that simplifies platform management by deploying and operating across multi-cloud environments with a few clicks.

Built on the latest cloud innovations and open source technologies including Kubernetes, Prometheus, and Grafana, STRATIS PaaS offers a fully automated control plane, which unlike other PaaS offerings, connects with a separate data plane within thecustomer’s own virtual private cloud. This approach puts customers in control of their data while also providing a host of other benefits, including higher performance, lower latency, and stronger security.

KDDI, a leading Japanese telecommunications company, has selected STRATIS PaaS to deliver its leading IoT initiative in Japan. KDDI supports au by KDDI, the mobile carrier with the highest customer satisfaction rate in Japan. Through the au HOME Platform, KDDI powers smart IoT device connections.

KDDI selected STRATIS for its industry-leading security, proven scalability, renowned wireless protocol expertise, and rapid delivery capabilities, after an introduction by distinguished technologist Ren Egawa of STRATIS licensee Rexcel Group, with whom both organizations had long-standing relationships. Rexcel Group continues to provide end-to-end services to KDDI and STRATIS in Asia.

KDDI has rapidly scaled its platform through STRATIS PaaS. As a world leader in Z-Wave and Zigbee gateway software, high-traffic connected-device cloud environments, and API for device interaction. STRATIS supports all Z-Wave device-types available in Japan, including locks, lights, scene controllers, smart energy plugs, dry contact sensors for alerting. The large ecosystem of devices combined with robust Platform enables security, peace-of-mind, and asset protection for KDDI’s wide customer base.

Yasuhisa Yamada KDDI administrative officer, general manager for the service development division stated, “IoT technologies which make daily life more convenient are starting to penetrate into the home. “au HOME” is an IoT service that makes daily life safe and watches over pets using cameras and sensors and is convenient through smartphone app-based operation of household appliances. The fully integrated, plug-and-play smart home service, au HOME, has leveraged STRATIS technology and Rexcel’s system integration. This successful partnership has allowed us to continue introducing new smart home service features and expanding our IoT business for long term.”Felicite Moorman, STRATIS CEO and CoFounder stated, “We are honored to partner with KDDI, a company that exemplifies innovation and resident-centric technology. KDDI is the most optimal partner for STRATIS’ expansion in Asia.”