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 11 days ago
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DevX’s Hybrid Co-work Model – the need of the hour!

In the sight of the current pandemic, there is no doubt that the world has changed in ways we would never have imagined. Other than the obvious lockdown, there are several other changes that we have had to adapt to go on with our lives in this crisis. Working from home has been a drastic shift in the working sector.

Working from home is a huge blessing, if anything. However, it is definitely a big change from what people have been used to for years now. As time has passed, people have had their bits of frustration with it. Though remote working is still the thread that is holding things together and will continue to do so for an undetermined period of time – there are a few cons that this current scenario brings to the table.

To begin with, the idea of having a routine has been severely impacted by this model.

There are more frequent interruptions while working at home, which wouldn’t happen in an office environment.

In the end, humans are social creatures. There is a lot of evident frustration that builds up from being locked in the same space without any change of scene. Despite the strict working schedule, talking to colleagues, and frequent interactions in the workplace helps to refresh the mind, which is much needed for increased productivity.

Even though, after months in lockdown, we cannot wait to get back to our normal lives, we might have to resort to a middle ground – a hybrid working model. The transition period may offer a chance to explore the perks of both – the work from home and office working systems.

DevX’s Work From Home Membership Plan provides the perfect solution to combine the best of both work models. The Membership Plan comes with a list of benefits that include a Work Pod – a private workspace for the individuals while working from their bustling homes, along with high speed internet connectivity. 3 days a week access to any DevX Workspace across India, enabling you to conduct meetings, conferences, interviews, etc. like the good old times in a safe environment, is one of the prime features of the plan.

Another benefit of the Membership Plan is access to DevX Collab, an indigenous technology developed by DevX that includes a number of productivity & work management tools, helping individuals stay connected with their teams. Being a part of DevX Community ensures that each member stays connected with the community even while working from the comfort of their homes. The model also includes an insurance plan against COVID-19.

On the launch of Work-From-Home membership, Co-founder, Umesh Uttamchandani says, “This pandemic event has made Work from Home a buzz word and being in the business of providing quality and aesthetically designed office spaces, we took this initiative upon us to mitigate the challenges associated with WFH. We’ve launched a WFH Membership plan that provides the flexibility to efficiently work from home while replicating the entire arrangement of a productive office work environment provided by DevX.”

DevX ensures a safe, zero-spread environment for its members. DevX understand the importance wealth creation as well as safeguarding lives. We have appointed various safety and social distancing practices to ensure a secure office environment. We believe Co-working can be the new normal for a more productive work environment and a sensible alternative to crowded office floors.

Offices can use the merits of the convenience and disciple that this hybrid approach brings to boost their productively while also undertaking a practical approach where stress is reduced, and healthy work pressure prevails. Thus, we can safely say that a perfect balance of the two methods can be the best way to combat the way the world has changed. In the coming transition phase, one might still need to practice social distancing even while working in the office spaces.

Harnessing the observed benefits of work from home can be helpful while still enforcing the discipline of the office working method. We can only wait to find out how fruitfully the two can be used in the near future to harbor a productive and healthy working environment successfully!