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The ultimate guide to website development for SaaS companies Crucial elements for SaaS website

How to create a high converting SaaS website

Is your SaaS company thinking of building a website? You might be aware that the winning factors of a SaaS business model are a combination of innovation, usability, security, scalability, and cost benefits. 

Many business leaders today are using SaaS to introduce new services and products with improved customer base engagement. 

As per stats, 73% of organizations pointed out that almost all their apps will be SaaS by 2021. Moreover, by 2020, 85% of small businesses will make investments in SaaS solutions. And why is that?

SaaS businesses are productive. Two-thirds of companies say that their churn rates have been 5% or more.

But creating a SaaS product is not enough. You have to create a SaaS website that will provide superior user experience and attract visitors with attention-grabbing copywriting to convert them into leads.

Here are the elements that work for a SaaS website:

Web-page structure

Your web-page structure will determine whether your visitor will scroll down the page. 

Ensure that you add only valuable details and information relevant to your company’s business needs both on the homepage and landing page. 

Keep the headline bright, eye-catching, and engaging, and see that they communicate your product. The visitors should be able to get what you are offering, and it should be enticing enough for them to buy it.

Please have a look at MailChimp’s bright and eye-catching headline that communicates their brand.

Image source

If you have a look at the KAJABI website, you will see that they make their value proposition crystal clear. Their homepage information is detailed, and it lets the visitors know about all the tools they will be getting by signing up for this platform. Plus, they offer a free trial to entice potential customers.

kajabi home page

Image source

In a research made by Totango that studied SaaS businesses, it was found that when visitors were offered opt-in free trials, the conversion rate was 15%. The price increased to 50% when they were provided for opt-out trials.

When it comes to CTA, please pay attention to the text, size, colour, and where you place them. Keep it short but active. Petal’s CTA is an excellent example.

Image source

Also, testimonials will serve as social proof and enhance credibility using BDA (before, during, and after) format

Image source

People love stories, and they can not only create your brand but also persuade the prospects to choose your brand. To make it more effective, add the client’s photo. 

Build a responsive design website

It is said that web pages that take 2.4 seconds to load had a bounce rate of 12.8%, while the pages that took 3.3 seconds to load saw a bounce rate of 20%.

Image source

No wonder, 62% of companies saw an increase in sales by designing mobile responsive websites.

And with the number of mobile users and the number of website visits from mobile phones increasing day by day, making your SaaS site compatible with and user-friendly for mobile devices is crucial.

To build a mobile-responsive design website, you should have a mobile-first mindset. Keep things simple and clean. Focus on content. The menu that you build should allow users to navigate the site on smaller screens without needing to hover.

Optimize SEO

Every website, regardless of whether it is SaaS or any other website, needs a strong SEO strategy to rank high in the pages of search engines. Only then can you attract visitors organically. 

Even if your content is well written, without an SEO strategy, not many will be able to see what you wrote.

Researching and implementing keywords are only the basics. There are many factors involved. Investing in an SEO professional is advisable.

Focus on writing valuable content as it will draw customers in, establish trust, and guide them toward purchasing your products or service. 

Writing effective content involves delivering real value. You should be able to teach something practical, and for that, you need to be a master in your niche.

It is said that a normal person’s attention span is only about 3 minutes. Thus, making your content scannable will engage visitors. Use bullet points, number lists, and write short paras. 

To make your site appear more trustworthy, link internally to pages of other authoritative websites.

Leverage videos

There are many good reasons why you should invest in making good quality videos. Statistics have it that 89% of video marketers say video brings good ROI, 83% say video boosts lead generation, 87% say it has increased traffic to their website, and 95% plan to invest more in video spend in 2020.

Videos can support your product while doing things that words, and still images can’t. You can make videos to help your customers understand about the functioning of your product or to share the benefits. If you visit Slack’s homepage, you will find they use video effectively to explain their product and what it can do.

There are different types of videos that you can make, including Vlogs (video blogs), video interviews, tutorial videos, presentation videos, product demos and reviews, video testimonials, and so on. You can even go ‘Live’ or make video ads.

Whichever type of videos you choose, keep it short. For instance, an engaging 30-seconds video is recommended by experts.

High-quality images

How willing will you be to buy a product without seeing it? Probably, you won’t take the risk. The same principle applies to your customers as well. Though you may upload videos of your products, using videos is not applicable in all areas.  

If you visit the Sprout Social website, you will be able to see each feature of their product listed along with the product screenshots.

sprout social features

Image source

Some potential buyers might desire to read about the product features, while others will want to see images. Most shoppers will want both.

Easily accessible contact information

What happens when you visit a site and can’t find their contact information? Most probably, you won’t spend minutes looking for it. You will leave right away and visit a competitor site. 

“Contact Us” button is crucial in websites, and for that reason, it has to be easily seen. Ensure to clearly highlight your phone number on your homepage. It is linked to increased conversions and sales. 

You can follow the example of Shopify and provide your contact information near the bottom of the homepage in a neat single column.

shopify contact information

Image source

Or do it the RingCentral way and post it at the top right of every page.

Ring Central contact info

Image source

Wherever you decide to post your contact information, ensure it is visible and clear so that visitors see them without even looking for it.

  • Include services

Visitors who come to your website are looking for information about what type of service you offer and what they can expect. When you write nothing, it gives the notion that you don’t put much importance on it.

You can create a support page where you can post service testimonials. You can display images of the people who are behind your service and support team. You can pronounce the channels for contacting you. If you have earned any awards or if you have been covered by the media, you can share them. You can also let visitors know about your average response time and resolution time. 

You can check out the page of Vbulletin to have a better idea.


Image source

If done correctly, your service will be a selling point.

Mention your team

Maybe knowing who your team members are won’t have much impact on people’s buying decisions but sharing them is crucial. 

It would help if you dedicated a section where you mention about the CEO, developers, support, etc. Also, say why they are the best people for tackling your problem. 

Many websites upload pictures of the team and add a short description of their role in the company. Don’t forget to keep this section updated.

Moreover, you can post the list of your business partners or investment firms who have invested money in your business.


Since you are a SaaS company, it is a given that you are hosting vital data belonging to businesses and individuals. What if all these get stolen? Along with the loss it will incur, you can tarnish your brand’s reputation for a lifetime. 

Also, people don’t want to associate with a business that is not secured. Be transparent about your security policies and assure them that their data is safe with you.

If you are using SSL certificate to protect your website data, tell them about the size. You can also let them know about the security measures that your host provides. Mention whether or not the user data is backed up and about your security record.


When you are initially attempting to build a SaaS website, it can be a challenging task. The industry is competitive, and to stand out, you need a superior website. 

Try implementing the tips shared in this article to see positive results. If website building is not your forte, there are always experts to whom you can outsource your SaaS web building task.

Remember, you will have to invest plenty of time and money, but the results will be worth it

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