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PassMyTask – Platform for generating the employment during this Pandemic

A young city boy who is coming up with a new employment platform named as PassMyTask, which aims to help the economy, employment and flourish the Skill India mission. It’s a B2B and B2C start up in which they provide different kinds of services from web development & Digital marketing to Data Entry and Fitness & Lifestyle. PassMyTask supports in educating and transforming the unskilled beings to skilled and encourage them to meet their daily needs through their work.


According to the CEO and Founder of the Company Shrey Jain says, “The unemployment rate in India was 7.66% in January and with the coronavirus overtaking, in May it hiked up to 23.93%. Many Top Startups have laid off their employees because of covid-19 as they could not retain the employees which made them unemployed but they are skilled which made our aim more stronger to reach out to them and help them as much as we can”. Further addition to this we have also got work from Qatar Food and Grocery Delivery startup, which has, boosts up our level of confidence. 

This Journey was started When I got a mail from a person that I have lost my job due to covid-19 and it is getting worse day by day that was the sign for me to do something and I started the drive from my home as it is correctly said that Charity begins at home from where I helped my house helper and sponsored her daughter’s education. Additionally, It’s has been a month now and we have crossed and registered 500+ applications. Apart from this we have reached the different parts of the countries, from Guwahati to Ahmedabad and from Chennai to Shimla.

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