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Introducing Plant(p)arent - India's first plant exchange library in Bangalore

Have you ever thought of getting more plants at your home but stalled buying because of how expensive they can be? Perhaps you have a special plant in mind but aren't sure what it would take to grow it. If so, we've created India's first plant exchange library for you! 

We think that building a greener planet should not be difficult or expensive. So we launched Plantarent to join hands with you and do this together.

We are a simple and zero-transaction model built to be affordable and accessible to everyone. You can exchange a plant at our library, buy a plant at a minimal cost from us, or donate a plant to our shelf. 

How to exchange?

All it takes are three simple steps:

1. Head to and share a picture of your plant buddy. 

2.Once approved, visit our library at 5th Floor, Draper Startup House, Koramangala. 

3. Drop your plant there and pick up any plant you want from our shelf. 

How does plantarent help the planet?

We believe that when it comes to healing the environment, small steps go a long way. Be it a terrace-trial farm or a single potted plant, every bit counts. 

We are an eco-friendly library that aims to reduce the buying of plants in plastic pots and single use bags at exorbitant rates. With plantarent, you can propagate a plant and pass it along to someone who wants it. In return, you get to pick a lovely new bud of your own.

This process not only gives people a chance to build a larger plant family at home, but also sprouts an eco-conscious community of plant lovers who will keep the much-needed conversation about our environment going. 

It's never been easier or more affordable to become a plant parent. Visit our website now and get started building your own little green haven!

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