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Caliber Raises $2.2M To Launch One-On-One Fitness Coaching Platform

Caliber Fitness today announced the launch of its new coaching platform and a $2.2M seed investment led by Trinity Ventures. Caliber’s digital fitness offering combines a strength-based training methodology with expert human coaching to help members achieve their fitness goals regardless of experience level or access to equipment.

Personal training is a $10 billion category in the United States that remains inaccessible to most consumers. By decoupling personal training from the constraints of a physical gym, Caliber is able to offer remote, one-on-one coaching that is more convenient and less expensive than in-person training, while delivering better results. Unlike the majority of digital fitness solutions that eliminate the role of human trainers and rely on users’ self-motivation to make progress, Caliber’s coach-led approach provides the personalization and accountability that are unique to one-on-one training, combatting the most common pitfalls of establishing long-term fitness.

Upon joining Caliber, members are paired with an accredited coach who develops a custom training and nutrition program designed around their unique goals. Members are kept accountable to their plan via regular coach check-ins, video reviews, and a structured curriculum aligned to the member’s experience and access to equipment. Coach-led instruction is supplemented by over 100 self-service training and nutrition lessons and the Caliber Strength Score, a first-of-its-kind measure of body composition to help members evaluate their progress. During its pre-launch phase, Caliber has seen strong engagement from both consumers and coaches, more than tripling its membership in the past six months and increasing the number of workouts per member by 150 percent.

“With the launch of Caliber, we’re making one-on-one fitness coaching accessible to anyone with a smartphone, anywhere on the planet,” said Jared Cluff, CEO of Caliber. “By training with a dedicated coach, our members are able to cut through the noise of fitness fads, stick to a plan that works and finally reach their goals."

“The global pandemic has accelerated the massive consumer trend toward when-and-where-you-want-it mobile services, particularly in health and wellness,” said Patricia Nakache, General Partner at Trinity Ventures. “Caliber is uniquely positioned to be the leader in online fitness coaching with a platform that is focused on personalized human-to-human connection in an increasingly digital-first world.”

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