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Why is the Apple MacBook Pro a Great Addition to Your Business?

With COVID-19 impacting the global economy, millions of businesses have transformed their business operations. For starters, work from home is radically changing the daily paradigms. Video conferences, online collaborations are becoming the "new normal." Hence the demand for equipment and software that ease the remote work culture is on the rise. 

Interestingly, the need for business laptops that provide in-built security features with higher efficacy too saw a steep rise amongst all the necessities. With so many devices available in the market, choosing the device that suits all your needs might be a little daunting. 

There is a solution that encompasses all the needs and support systems to improve your business's overall efficiency and productivity. Undoubtedly, Apple Macbook Pro tops the charts if you are looking for a combination of a premium laptop that's calibrated for work purposes. 

Here's why?

MacBook Pro- A Competent Work Machine For Your Business

Apple recently upgraded its 13-inch MacBook Pro with new features to appeal to its business users. The new system attracts the users with its double the size storage capacity, that too at the same price. 

The most significant improvement with the latest MacBook Pro is its keyboard. They have added a scissor-based Magic keyboard to its latest edition. You can get any of the four examples available within the price range of $1,299 to $1,999. The extra storage, greater memory, a faster CPU makes it even more worthy. It's like a workhorse that's well suited for businesses involved in an image or video editing and other CPU intensive processes. Anything less than that can go for MacBook Air for their business-related applications.

If you are still hesitant about purchasing a Macbook Pro for your business, the following reasons will make it even more transparent, "Why buying a Mac is a good investment for your business?" 

It is a Reliable Device With a Longer Shelf Life

Whenever Apple releases a new product, they make sure that it imbibes the high-tech machinery. That's not just for the show. They are actually putting effort into building a fit and finesse product that not only delivers structural rigidity but also maintains its standards to allow a seamless experience every single time. They have done the same with their recent launch, macbook pro 2020, where they changed the keyboard design to help its users reduce time wastage that they felt while juggling with its earlier version. 

Also, based on OS support, you can keep a Mac for a fair time scale of around ten years. That too only if the Mac does not support your latest technology. Otherwise, if you are maintaining it well, it can go on for a couple of more years. 

It's Easy to Upgrade Your OS

With technology changing rapidly, the first question that pops into the mind is, "Will my device be able to work well with the changing technologies?" Not anymore. Apple makes it a point that its customers do not face any issues concerning OS upgrades. In fact, the transitions are smooth and absolutely free. Contrary to that, if you go for Windows OS, you will feel scattered with no consistency in their versions available.

If you are still stuck with the debate, whether or not Macs are better than PC's, this is something you can acknowledge as one of the primary differentiators when investing in MacBook Pro. 

It's Cheaper in The Long Run

Sure, you can purchase a brand new Windows PC for fewer dollars. But, the actual cost of ownership is not dependent on the acquisition alone. It also depends on the residual value. And interestingly, MacBook Pro wins the battle. If you still do not agree, just look at the value of a Windows PC (say the one that's three years old) to a Mac. The latter will easily win the battle after comparing the cost of ownership. 

It's Secure 

When it comes to the business world, the first thing that comes to mind when choosing devices is "Whether the system is secure?" or "Are there any chances of data breaches?"

It goes without saying that Apple is living a relatively blissful life with a lack of viruses, malware, or spyware. We're not saying that's not possible at all. But with the features and services available for Mac users, the possibility is equivalent to zero. 

Its Extensive Backup With Time Machine and Cloud

While the new edition has already doubled its storage capacity, making its users keep their data stored easily, you can also avoid expensive hard drives with this system. How? It's simple—just backup your MacBook Pro data with Time Machine. And the best part is you can also go back to find the documents you deleted using this application. 

The company further helps its users to backup their important files using iCloud. You can use these files using any Apple device, such as iPhone and iPad. All of which makes it an easy system to handle different business accounts without losing any files in the loop. 

It's Stylish 

You must be thinking, "why must I keep this factor in mind when everyone is working from home?" Well!! If you keep your users and clients engaged with behind-the-scenes videos or images to make them aware of your company culture, these systems will come in handy. Why? Because no one can beat their class or hippiness. Apple's style and quality have no competition. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to computers, Microsoft seems more like the "land of geeks." Everyone loves to dig into machinery. But with Apple, you can't leave aside the computer whizziness and get the best of both worlds using a Boot Camp. So, if you love Windows and want to be a part of the Apple ecosystem, going for the MacBook Pro would be a great choice. 

And if something goes wrong, you have the support of Apple's friendly expertise that will sort all kinds of your problems in a short amount of time. Hence, you can quickly improve the productivity of your business. 

Isn't that your idea of investing in any device for your business?

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