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Marketing Vs. Advertising; Know Which Is Better and Why?

Advertising and marketing are often pegged together and found compatible with each other. However, marketing and advertising are not the same, and if you are thinking about injecting these strategies into your business - first, you need to understand the difference between them. If you know the difference you’ll be able to better use each of them effectively and more efficiently. 

So what is the difference between marketing and advertising, you ask? Why it is important to understand them both individually and how can it benefit your business by using them both?

This is the aim of this article, below we will discuss the difference between marketing and advertising. Shall we begin?

The difference between Marketing and advertising:

So let’s start by breaking the biggest myth - marketing and advertising are two different sides of the same coin. This is not true in any scenario. But what exactly is the difference? Well, that is the confusing part. Advertising and marketing work to achieve a very similar goal, and that is to grow your business in terms of customers.

However, the key difference between marketing and advertising is an elusive one. Advertising mainly requires things like banner ads, social media ads, or billboards placements of the product information - is only a single strategy that falls under the tree known as Marketing. In other words, advertising is a small part of marketing, whereas marketing includes a ton of other strategies. To further add to the weightage of marketing, a marketing strategy is surrounded by tactics like content marketing, sales presentations, brochures, and podcasting. 

So, in a way advertising is only a little slice of the cake, whereas marketing is the whole cake. And this is why you needed to know the difference between marketing and advertising. With proper methods at your disposal, you can have the slice and whole cake. This is why marketing is a far better option to elevate your brand and drive sales to your business.

Now we know the difference, so let’s start exploring all the different tactics you can employ with marketing strategies for your business. 

Focused on the Customer 

Customers want to associate with a company that addresses them as individuals rather than as a collective. For example - every time you log into your company’s website, you may want to see your display along with the product of your interests. In this case, interactive marketing gives you the power to receive and give you minute to minute updates on a product of your interest. 

eCommerce websites are the best examples of this marketing strategy. 

Entertainment Marketing

The process of using marketing strategies is to give birth to the interests in an upcoming entertainment event, such as movies, a theater production, or TV shows. Fundamentally, if the motive of an event is to entertain the public, then the promotion falls under the category of entertainment marketing. 

Few of the widely used entertainment marketing strategies include celebrity endorsements, brand partnerships, and the most popular product placement. 

Internet marketing

Internet or online marketing is a marketing strategy that is done with the help of the internet. Recently, this marketing strategy is growing in popularity because of the digital reforms taking place in every corner of the world. Internet marketing enables a business to interact with its customers and render them services even if the customer is miles away from its source. 

For instance - you can promote your company and the services provided to your customers on your company's website. It has become a new norm for the consumer to check out a business internet presence before they start to relate with them. Your internet presence can define your future success and help you grow into a healthy business. And this can be done with internet marketing tools such as web marketing, content marketing, website promotion, and many more options are available at your maneuver. 

In Conclusion

As thought by many, marketing and advertising are the different sides of the same coin, playing an equal role. With this article that myth has been busted. Advertising is just a single stream of ideas whereas marketing has multiple streams of sources. By properly employing the tools of marketing one can reap many benefits from it. 

Marketing enables your business to reach new customers and make long-lasting relationships. Which can fortify your business and make you the name of the household - a dream of any growing or well-established business. However, understanding the concept is easy but implementing it is a little difficult. This is why it is said ‘Nothing good comes out of easy.’ So keep this in mind and keep moving forward and upward. 

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