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A Local Digital Marketing Agency Can Supercharge Start-ups

2 Reasons Local Digital Marketing Agencies are Best for Small Businesses & Start-ups

1. Focus on You: First, they are smaller, so their top talent is more likely to be working on your business.

2. The second is authenticity: By having digital content created by locals, you will appear more authentic and real.

Strategic Focus is Key

Digital marketing allows for many businesses to have access to larger audiences than ever before. While access is exceptional, competition for their attention has become even harder.

When looking for a digital marketing agency, you want to find the marketing company with the right balance of experience and size. All digital marketing agencies offer similar digital marketing services: web design, search engine optimization (SEO) services, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, inbound marketing, social media marketing, lead generation, and the rest.

Few internet marketing agencies are marketing strategy focused. An innovative marketing strategy is critical, or all those different digital services will not work together well. It’s like conducting an orchestra without a sheet of music. An expert can play each instrument, but the results will still be noise in the long term.

A good local digital marketing agency starts with a marketing strategy first. Then they test it to make sure that it works before executing the plan. This way you should have a solid idea of how effective your online marketing and online presence will be before investing a ton in advertising.

Experience Matters When Choosing an Agency

In selecting a digital marketing agency, it is important to see if they have been able to provide high-quality, effective digital marketing strategies and marketing solutions to a wide range of industries. It is smart to check their experience and case studies. However, make sure they are not just cutting and pasting.

We need innovative solutions to solve today’s problems. Therefore, when looking for the right fit, look for a mix of senior and fresh talent. Any business can benefit from the strategic experience, but when leveraged through today’s technology and platforms, it can really shine.

When it comes to startups and small businesses, make sure that they have experience working with both. This business marketing experience is invaluable as they know the unique challenges you face. 

For example, start-ups do not have email databases. An experienced digital marketing agency understands these challenges and how to set up and execute email marketing under these circumstances.

Another example is video production. An experienced digital marketing agency knows that start-ups and small businesses cannot afford expensive photo or video shoots. However, they also know how to create visual content that looks professional and can compete with design agencies.

Each Start-up is Unique

on ideas, but lacked the full appreciation of the challenges of bringing them to market. They lacked the knowhow when it came to developing effective marketing strategies and translating them into measurable, cost-effective, launch plans.

Local market dynamics matter. 

A real estate agent in Iowa is going to need a very different marketing plan than one in New York City. The same is true for all businesses. The local market/test market will dictate which tactics will be successful and which will not be.

Therefore, a full-service digital marketing agency that services an area like New York City should have roots there. This way there are local professionals generating content who understand the local quirks.

Local search is one way that start-ups and small businesses can be competitive vs. larger more entrenched competitors. 81% of people report that they search for an item before they buy it. Nearly 70% of all click volume comes from the first five listings.

Google continues to update its algorithm to improve the performance of its local search. If you are a local business or a start-up, you should learn how to use this to your advantage in your market.

Local SEO, web development, website design, paid advertising, and digital media do not operate in a vacuum. They are all part of marketing campaigns that need to be coordinated. Having a different agency for reputation management, another for content marketing, and a third for web design makes life difficulties for a small business owner.


When looking for a local marketing agency, there are 3 things to consider:

1. Strategic focus: It is critical that all the pieces of your marketing effort work in harmony to deliver your business goals.

2. Experience matters: It is important to have a blend of seasoned professionals with fresh talent so you get the most for your money.

3. Local counts: Having local knowledge will make you come across as more authentic and real.

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