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Apiture Announces $10M Investment from Bankers Healthcare Group

Apiture, the digital banking transformation company, announces an investment of $10M from Bankers Healthcare Group (BHG), the source of the most innovative financial solutions available on the market today and the creator of the largest community bank network in the country. The funding, finalized in December 2020, comes in addition to the $20M investment raised by Apiture in July of 2020. Apiture plans to use the additional capital to accelerate key features on the product roadmap in 2021.

In addition to being an investor, BHG also leverages Apiture to power its growing portfolio of financial solutions.

“We see value in aligning with companies like Apiture that prioritize innovation as much as we do and are at the forefront of their industries,” said Al Crawford, co-founder, chairman, and chief executive officer of Bankers Healthcare Group. “Our partnership will help us bolster the products we offer, while also strengthening our own digital banking capabilities at BHG.”

As a significant shareholder of BHG, Pinnacle Bank played a key role in the deal. Hugh Queener, co-founder and chief administrative officer at Pinnacle Bank, board member at Apiture and board member at BHG, said, "Since our initial investment in mid-2020, Apiture has made smart progress in what their product can do, and we at Pinnacle have been pleased with the results. Adding BHG to the mix will put Apiture in a great position for more success in 2021."

The investment will allow Apiture to accelerate platform capabilities further to serve a broader range of financial institutions. Apiture chief executive officer, Chris Babcock, said, “This additional investment provides an excellent opportunity for Apiture to both deepen our existing relationships and expand our target market through enhanced offerings. Having the support and partnership of the team at Bankers Healthcare Group in addition to the investments made earlier in 2020 will help us to succeed in our mission to transform the digital banking space as a long-term innovator.”

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