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Avesha Launches with $6 Million Seed to Enable Applications to Disaggregate from Cloud to Edge

Boston based Avesha Inc. (avesha.io) a provider of a transformative software platform that helps applications disaggregate seamlessly from cloud to the edge, has announced today that it closed $6 million in seed round funding led by Taiwania Capital.

The startup, founded in 2019, is the next innovation from veterans Cheng Wu and Raj Nair. Their previous startups include Arrowpoint (sold to Cisco for $6B) & Azuki (sold to Ericsson). They are joined by Prasad Dorbala, former CloudOps leader at Veracode, as CPO and co-founder. 

Enterprise & technology leaders are under pressure to respond to market needs and adopt edge computing to deliver on lower latency, better performance and rich user experience. Avesha's technology platform addresses the needs of customers in gaming, medical and enterprise IT by enabling application workloads to be placed without boundaries over heterogeneous environments like hybrid & multi-cloud(Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform or Microsoft Azure) and the Edge (data center edge or 5G MECs). Avesha's Application Intent Mesh (AIM) platform makes the practice of application disaggregation seamless for developers while empowering applications to achieve key business outcomes.

Microservices and Kubernetes have galvanized application developers towards agile and innovative development, in part, due to Kubernetes’ ability to insulate the entire underlay networks and their complexity from developers. Networks have become just logical links between microservices. However, as microservice clusters grow in size, complexity, and become increasingly distributed, what started as a novel innovation to separate networks from applications, have run into a number of roadblocks. Therein lies the promise of the Avesha Intent Mesh (AIM) technology.

“I am excited to team up with Raj & Prasad and be part of the action from the perspective of a VC," said Cheng Wu, General Partner at Taiwania Capital. “Avesha's technology is aligned with a big vision of being one platform to unify 5G, Cloud and Edge. In this age of digital transformation, Avesha has a remarkable role to play in helping enterprises manage the transition from cloud to edge by normalizing the underlying infrastructure through its Application Intent Mesh abstraction layer."

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