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Kids Sports Summit – Go Alpha

How to keep your child active until preschool restarts? How to keep your child active and healthy? How to Balance the mental well-being of your child in the new normal? To answer these questions and many more, Go Alpha conducted the Kids Sports Summit, 2021. Over 500 Parents, Kids, Principals, and Sports Enthusiasts attended this event, virtually, from their homes. The keynote speakers for this summit ranged from India’s best sports personalities to educationalists from top-tier pre-schools. Go Alpha’s CEO and Founder, Gaurav Oswal, was the host of the event.

The first day of the Kids Sports Summit was filled with fun, fervor, and curiosity. Anand Menezes, Olympian and manager of Indian Elite Athletes; Nikil Latey, Former Head of Sports Science at Olympic Gold Quest; Benjamin Hart, Senior Yoga instructor from France and Shifra Varadkar, Nutritionist were the  speakers for the day. Anand talked about the struggles he had to face while growing and the things he had to sacrifice to pursue his passion for sports. His feats and achievements, like the fact that at one point he ran even faster than Milkha Singh, were a great source of inspiration and awe for all the attendees.

Nikhil Latey talked about the importance of exploring new avenues of sports rather than focusing on specialization during the impressionable age of 3-12 years. He was followed by Benjamin, who conducted a virtual yoga session for parents and kids wherein he taught various possess and asanas that families could practice at homes. Parents had numerous doubts on the topic of nutrition as well. Shifra’s cleared those doubts and discussed methods to tackle picky eating habits in kids. 

On the subsequent day, Aditya Mittal, the world's fifth Rank U14 chess player, and his mom began the meeting wherein they discussed his excursion as a chess player. His mom referenced various snags and bargains he needed to make to seek after his adoration for chess while adapting up to his examinations. She discussed the significance of a parent's help in their kid's life and how every parent ought to be really promising and inviting towards their kids' leisure activities. A manikin show, facilitated by M. Santhosh Kumar, was trailed this meeting. With the assistance of his manikins, M. Santhosh showed different significant exercises to kids on subjects of wellbeing, conduct, and cleanliness. It was an amazingly intriguing meeting that was particularly appreciated by the children in the crowd.

The last session for day 2 of the summit was a panel discussion on How to engage kids in this new normal. Panelists consisted of Shalini Jaiswal, Director of Academics and Teacher Training at Maple Bear South Asia; Mayank Solanki, Youth prodigy & Educationist; Meghna Yadav, Child Psychologist and family counsellor; and Ansul Garg, Director, Bangalore school of performing arts. It was moderated by Gaurav Oswal, Founder & CEO of Go Alpha. They examined how because of this pandemic and ensuing lockdown, numerous educators and guardians are finding it difficult to oversee children. This stale type of way of life has negatively affected their psychological and actual prosperity of kids, as increasingly more of them are feeling on edge. Guardians are additionally stressed over the absence of shared communication and its effect on their youngster's social turn of events. They underscored the significance of the school climate as it profoundly affects the Emotional Quotient (EQ) of the children. Guardians have gotten some information about their youngster's passion, mental, and actual state during these occasions. They should remember it to not power anything upon their kids. They are incredible heroes themselves for enduring this pandemic and ought to be adulated for it. All in all, rather than pressurizing kids, they suggested watching out for their turn of events and give them space.

The main speaker on the last day of the Kids Sports Summit was Srishti Jupudi. She is a World Championship Badminton Player and the Youth Ambassador of Habitat for Humanity. She discussed her excursion as a badminton player. She also talked somewhat about her experience on the worldwide foundation of badminton.

Then, there was a story telling session by Faridah Saith. Her meeting was loads of fun and the youngsters were incredibly intuitive. After this, there was a meeting on emotional wellness. The speaker for this meeting was Japnoor Garcha, who is a Child Counselor and mental health speaker. She discussed how to draw in children in an important way during these troublesome occasions. Stress and uneasiness are influencing children's psychological prosperity and to adapt to that, she suggested different care methods that guardians can urge their children to take up. Guardians had a lot of questions and questions on this subject which Japnoor replied during the culmination meeting. We ended the session with an energetic Dance session conducted by Anshul. And thus, with this pleasant meeting, Kids Sports Summit 2021 came to a close.

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