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Angel Capital Summit Looks to the Future of Angel Investing

The Angel Capital Summit, Colorado's largest angel investing event, is taking place virtually on March 23 and 24.

Now in its 14th year, the Angel Capital Summit, hosted by the Rockies Venture Club, has become Colorado’s largest angel investing event. With over 350 people in attendance, including an international audience, the Summit is a celebration of startups, investors, and big ideas. Since 2014, companies that have pitched at the Angel Capital Summit have received funding at nearly 10 times the national average.

This year, the Summit will focus on the future of angel investing. Angel investing is changing faster than ever and the role of angel investors is changing along with it. Major trends, including the proliferation of seed stage funds, Series A rounds moving farther into the future for startups, bigger seed stage rounds, new fund structures, and an awareness of the benefits of diversity and inclusion in angel investors and startups, have all changed the landscape and strategy for investors and startup teams. The virtual event features influential keynote speakers, pitches from innovative early-stage startups seeking funding, panels focusing on climate change investing, syndication, local and international investing, and alternative investing models, and networking opportunities with founders, funders, and service providers across the country.

The 2021 Angel Capital Summit will present experts from across the country to shine a light on where angel investing is going. Keynote speaker Avlok Kohli, the CEO of AngelList Venture, is on the forefront of innovation in VC and angel investing. AngelList Venture has facilitated the funding of over 5,000 startups including 47 unicorns and is home to 4,300 funds and syndicates with $2.2B in assets under management. The company also recently launched Rolling Funds, a new kind of venture fund which is poised to have a significant impact on the future of early-stage ventures.

Also speaking at the event is Marcia Dawood, upcoming Chair of the Board at the Angel Capital Association (ACA) and angel investor in over 100 early-stage private companies. Her work investing in women at Next Wave Impact, Portfolia, and in her own investments, as well as her leadership with the Angel Capital Association, provide insight into what trends she sees in how angels and angel groups are operating.

Juliana Garaizar, President of the Business Angel Minority Association (baMa), will also shed light on diversity, equity, and inclusion in angel investing. Angel investors are becoming increasingly more aware of the broader context of the impact of their investments, and also of how they hold themselves out to the community. Angel groups themselves are working to become more diverse in order to help attract top quality deal flow that reflects the diversity of the communities in which they operate.

Along with these speakers, the Summit will feature pitches from up-and-coming startups seeking funding, an investor forum for accredited angels to discuss those deals, and many opportunities to network with angel investors and entrepreneurs in the national angel investing and startup community.

Sponsorship opportunities are still available. To register or learn more about the Angel Capital Summit, please visit http://www.AngelCapitalSummit.org.

The conference is open to the public and free to RVC active, corporate and keystone members. Visit http://www.rockiesvc.org for more information on membership options. The Angel Capital Summit will be offered virtually this year with an emphasis on networking and engagement for audience members, wherever they may be.

About the Rockies Venture Club: Rockies Venture Club is the longest-running and one of the largest Angel Groups in the U.S.A., founded in 1985, whose mission is to advance economic development by actively connecting investments with the most promising entrepreneurial companies with Angel investors, venture capitalists, and other community members. Every year Rockies Venture Club offers over 140 educational programs, mastermind groups, angel forums, and two major conferences for both investors and entrepreneurs leading to 25 investments per year.

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