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5 Ways To Thank Customers for Their Loyalty

A good business practice is to express your gratitude to your loyal customers. Thanking your clients or customers for their loyalty and patronage not only shows you're grateful to them for being a part of your story, but it also helps build and strengthen your rapport with them. Thanking your customers improves the customer retention rate for your business. The following ideas will help you to thank your customers for their loyalty.

Send a Handwritten Letter

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Because of social media and texting, people tend to only send personalized, handwritten notes for serious or special occasions. That's why it's such a novelty to receive a handwritten letter in the mail. Sending a letter in the mail makes your customers feel special, as they know that writing out a personalized message takes time and effort on your part.

Showcase Customers Online

You can showcase some of your loyal customers on your blog, social media accounts, or website. Send out an email that encourages your loyal clients to share their stories and pictures that relate to your business, and then post them online. Not only does showcasing your customers provide you with compelling content for your online channels, but it also demonstrates to your loyal customers that you're proud to have them. It also gives your customers an opportunity to share their lives on your platforms. Most of all, it's a great way to thank your customer for their loyalty.

Make Personalized Videos

Another way to thank customers for their loyalty is by making them a personalized video. The best part about videos is that you can't fake being personal. Your customers know that creating a video takes time and effort, so sending them one will come across as very thoughtful. You can send a video in a post-purchase follow-up. Videos are especially great for holidays or special occasions, where you can play with the theme. 

Donate to Charity

Typically, customers aren't expecting anything in return for giving you their business. Just knowing that your company's values align with their own is enough to receive their continued support. A great way to show customers that you're on the same page is to donate to non-profit organizations or charities. This shows that your company is not only compassionate and charitable, but also that it understands what your clients or customers value the most. By supporting causes that your customers are a part of, you're building a rapport that extends beyond your services or products.

Provide an Upgrade

If you're running a subscription-based company, one way to thank customers for their loyalty is to give them a free upgrade. For instance, if you have a customer who is using an outdated tool, you can upgrade them to your latest version, and let them try your latest features at no charge. Even if it's only a trial, this can show a customer what he or she has been missing all this time.

Thanking your customers for their loyalty is a simple yet powerful way to build brand loyalty, strengthen your relationships, and create general goodwill. 

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