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6 Goals and Objectives You Should Set for Your Salon Business

It’s always a good time to sit down and take a look at the goals and accomplishments you want to conquer this year. Whether your goals are revenue-based or you have big plans for a renovation that you want to start on, we have rounded up some of the most transformative yet practical goals that salon owners should be making. Setting goals is important whether your salon is on track to exceed your expectations this year or you find yourself falling a little bit behind. These goals will set you on the right track.

As a business owner, you're probably always thinking about the dreams and goals you want to accomplish and how you can improve your salon and the services you offer. But have you written those goals down on paper? Sometimes, it can be hard to get started on or decipher goals if we don’t put pen-to-paper. 

We will also cover goal-setting techniques at the end of this article to help you make actionable and reasonable goals.  

Which Aspects of Your Business Do You Want to Grow or Improve? 

Before we get into our favorite goals, let’s learn more about what you hope to accomplish this year. These questions are meant to be comprehensive and ask you a wide variety of things to help you identify which portions of your business you're satisfied with and reveal the parts of your business where you could improve. As you start to uncover the goals you want to accomplish and you feel overwhelmed with how many you’ve discovered, don't worry. We will show you how to address each goal and make them more measurable. 

What are my goals?

Is there a certain number that I'm looking to make in revenue this year? How about in a month?

Is there a certain number of new clients I’m looking to add this year?

Do I need to improve my pre-bookings from existing clients?

Are there any major projects that I’d like to focus on for the salon?

Are there any areas of the salon that I can improve or could stand to be better?

Are there new services that I would like to offer?

Is there a way to improve my salon operations?

Is there a renovation in our future? Do my equipment and furnishings need updating?

Do my employees need extra support? And if so, in what way?

How are my products selling?

Do I want to offer new products?

Are there any products I can cut down on?

Is there a new mission that the salon will benefit from adopting?

Are there any parts of the salon that need my immediate attention, updating or renovating?

Goals and Objectives You Should Set for Your Salon

Aside from some of the goals you may start to formulate from asking these questions of yourself, here are some standard goals that we feel will apply to every salon and may help you boost business, attract new customers and keep your stylists and estheticians happy.

Salon Revenue Goals

Every year, you should set a goal to hit a certain revenue tier. This is not only to make sure that your cash flow remains in check and that you aren't overextending your resources, but keeping track of your revenue goals can also help you identify where your salon could improve and where your salon is excelling. If setting a revenue goal for the rest of the year seems daunting and impossible, make your revenue goals smaller and measure them month-to-month. Also, don’t just think about revenue in terms of your client list. Add stylish retail displays at the front of your salon to boost your sales with products that align with your company’s mission.

Building and Retaining Clientele

It should always be a goal to retain and boost your clientele base. What makes this goal challenging is that your clients have more options than ever and can simply find new salons, estheticians and hairstylists with a few minutes spent on a smartphone. One way we suggest building and retaining your clients is through engaging with them on social media and giving them a special experience every time they visit. You can do this with an aesthetically pleasing and Instagrammable photo wall in your salon so you can take photos of your clients’ new styles and make them feel special by posting them to your salon’s Instagram or you can offer fun giveaways and discounts to your social media followers. Both are great ways to keep the buzz going about your salon and keep your customers excited about coming to see you. You can also introduce a loyalty program that rewards consistent clients with free products, services and discounts. Remember, at the core of client retention is a happy client. Make sure you are providing the best quality services and paying attention to details like offering beverages and making sure the seating is comfortable.

Renovate Your Salon 

Whether you want your salon to have a new look or feel or there are some areas of the spa that need to be renovated or updated, setting a goal to renovate or refresh your salon isn’t a bad idea. Many large salon chains have adopted a pattern of refreshing their space every 3-5 years. Though your operation may be smaller, you could take the same approach to make sure your salon is always looking new and current. As we mentioned, your clients have so many options of where they can go to get their hair or nails done and receive their favorite spa treatments. That’s why it’s important for salons to always be innovating and refreshing their space to offer clients the newest technology and products. If you’re not sure where to start with your renovation goal, identify some areas of your salon that may need to be updated. For example, you could easily swap out salon stations for an instant facelift. New styling stations could really help boost employee morale while also giving your clients the best experience they could ask for. It’s also important to take note of how your salon chairs are looking on a regular basis. They get the most wear with clients getting in and out of them regularly throughout the day. You want to make sure they are always looking fresh so your clients feel they are in an updated and clean environment. Investing in new equipment can be a huge task. But by utilizing salon equipment financing, you will be able to fill your salon with the equipment you need, which will help you reach your goals faster. 

Expand Your Salon

If your business is bursting at the seams and you’re looking to expand, set a goal to open a new location or to find a new way to offer more services. Whether you want to move into a bigger salon or open up an entirely new location — aside from your current space — this goal may seem like a huge task. But if your business growth is requiring it, let’s start planning. 

Continue Education 

It seems like new coloring techniques and trends pop up every single day, which is why a great goal to set would be to implement some kind of education for your stylists. Whether it is your goal to have your stylists attend educational sessions or have your stylists teaching these sessions to expand brand recognition, setting a goal to continue your education is a surefire way to make sure you are always evolving and adding new and relevant services and techniques.

Up Your Social Media Game

Nothing lends itself to Instagram as well as beautiful pictures of freshly styled hair, rejuventated faces after a facial and a new set of nails. Hair salons and spas are seeing a huge boost in social media following and interest because people are looking for their hairstylists and nail inspiration on social media. It’s important for your salon and spa to stay active on social media and engage your clients and prospects outside of the salon to retain your clients and attract new ones. Make it a goal to discuss social media with your stylists and estheticians to see how you can make your salon more Instagram-friendly. Adding a photo wall with a ring light to your space is a great way to get your clients and stylists excited about taking photos. Make it a point to show off new cuts and colors, as well as share promotions and fun giveaways on social media to create a presence that drives business and outreach. 

How to Set Smart and Measurable Goals 

Setting goals can be an exciting task, but once you set forth on your journey to accomplish these goals, it can seem challenging to figure out how you’re going to reach them. This is why we love the idea of getting very specific about your goals and giving them a time limit. Here are some goal-setting techniques that will set you up for success every time.

Write Them – Science shows that when you write down your goals, they are more likely to be accomplished. Whether you create a lock screen with your goals or post them in your office somewhere, you are going to want to be reminded of your goals every chance you get. 

Be Specific – When you are determining your goals, it’s important to be very specific about what you want to accomplish, how you want to accomplish it and when you need to complete it. Being specific will help you envision how you can reach your goals. 

Set a Reasonable Time Limit – When you make goals that have a longer payoff  — for example, an annual or five-year goal — it can be hard to stay on track with that goal because the reward comes so much later. To make your goals more realistic, give them a weekly or monthly time limit so that you can push yourself to accomplish them sooner. 

Team Goals – Things are always easier when you have a partner. With that being said, team up with your stylists or business partner to come up with goals that you can help each other work toward. 

So what are you waiting for? Start putting your goals on paper so you can embark on your journey to accomplishing them!

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