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Critical Tech For Running Your Small Business

If you're a new start-up looking for help running and protecting your small business, then I've got great news. The past few years have seen an explosion of new tech and apps designed to help business owners manage communications, workflow, marketing, HR, and IT. 

We're going to go over some of this new essential technology that will help you to streamline your business operations and get past the dreaded 5-year mark in the green. This article comes from the office an experienced bankruptcy lawyer in Philadelphia, who has helped more than a few small businesses. 

The Virtual Office

The pandemic has posted our society forward in many unforeseen ways. Necessity threw any trepidation about working from home and its effect on productivity out the window. Every industry was forced to adapt to the virtual workplace, and some bold companies stepped forward to help transition workers from the office to the living room. Zoom and Slack are two companies that have seen widespread adoption since the pandemic hit in early 2020.

The virtual office saves small business owners who don’t need a brick-and-mortar location a large amount of money on rent. Rent for office space is one of the most significant expenses a business has to account for -- not to mention the utilities and amenities small business owners must provide for their operations and their employees. 

Consider What Can Be Done Remotely

Depending on your industry, it may be possible to function entirely remotely. If this is not possible, then assess which roles can be remote and which cannot. Even cutting your in-person office requirements by a quarter would save you on rent and the associated expenses.

The money you'll save on rent and operating costs might be the difference between your company going under or your company surviving.

Workflow Management Apps and Outsourcing 

Task Management Apps Will Help Streamline and Track Workflow

No matter your industry, task management apps can help you and your team stay productive and efficient. Many task management platforms like Trello or Monday.com can be fully integrated with other useful software. This interoperability further streamlines efficiency and workflow.

These platforms not only help businesses organize and assign tasks but also provide invaluable data on the way work is performed. This allows small business owners to get a better gauge of how their employees operate. This increases employee accountability and will enable you to address individual issues as they arise.

Task management software also provides an organized and standardized platform for communicating and collaborating. Collaborative features allow your team to reach their true combined potential, even when working remotely.

Utilize Fiverr and Upwork

Let’s say you need to upload headshots to your website, but some of the photos have distracting backgrounds. You and your team do not have photoshop skills, so what do you do? That is the convenience of freelancing platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. You can hire a freelancer to write web copy, conduct a website crawl, photoshop an image, design a menu, or screen-print a t-shirt.

If you cannot afford an in-house copyist, web designer, or graphic designer, then you can pay freelancers quickly and conveniently using these freelancing platforms. These apps are helpful for businesses that have a specific niche and do not have expertise in tech-based industries. Take advantage of the freelance economy to help you perform those essential business tasks that would otherwise cost you a large sum to perform in-house.

Marketing Your Business Has Never Been Easier

Many marketing tools are designed to help small business owners plan, execute, and analyze their marketing campaigns. No matter your industry, a strong web presence is one of the most essential attributes of successful businesses. 

The internet is where businesses are made or broken. In recent years, the democratization of web design through platforms like Wix, WordPress, and Squarespace, allows even the least tech-savvy of business owners to create a web presence that converts leads.

Google is the Number One Lead Generator

With a robust website and a basic understanding of how Google ranks pages, business owners can get their business out in front of potential customers. Google has a number of free and paid services that will help you analyze your website's usability and let you know where you sit in the search rank.

Hire a Digital Marketing Company

If you don't have the time but you have the resources, consider hiring a digital marketing agency to help you optimize your website, generate leads, and run PPC campaigns. It is time-consuming to establish and build up your backlink profile, keep your website optimized for Google, and develop engaging, high-quality content that converts visitors into customers. 

Partnering with a digital marketing agency can help your business develop and execute a lucrative marketing strategy. Through the democratization of marketing technology, small businesses have access to the types of marketing campaigns that were once only available to massive corporations. 

Consider HR and IT Management Services

If you are too small to run an in-house HR feasibly or IT department, consider outsourcing these services to companies designed just for that purpose. If you are large enough that having these services for your business makes sense, but you are not so large that these services are affordable, then using HR and IT management services is the most cost-effective bet. 

For a monthly premium, you can have managed IT and HR services that perform all of the essential functions of an in-house department but without the in-house biases. External departments are less biased and more accountable, which you need when considering digital security or employee wellness.

Start Implementing This New Tech and See Your Business Grow!

You can start incorporating these new and rapidly evolving tech platforms into your business model as soon as today. By taking advantage of the current trends in communications, task management, freelancing services, digital marketing, and managed IT and HR services, your business will be able to survive well beyond the 5-year period during which most companies succumb.

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