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These Three Indian Cities Are Among Top 20 Global Fintech Hubs

And this might be the reason why these three cities have made it to the Top 20 Global Fintech Hubs in the latest Global Fintech Index 2020 published by London-based research agency, Findexable. Findexable, in its index which covered over 230 cities across 65 countries, also highlighted that among the world’s 100 leading fintech cities, six are from India. In the Fintech Country Rankings of the index, while the US stood at the top spot, India secured the 15th position. To support its claim, the index said that it tracks 11 Indian cities as compared with six in China in the Asia-Pacific region. Besides cities which made it to global top 100, other cities such as Kochi, Madurai, Kolkata, Indore, and Jaipur were the additions in Asia-Pacific rankings of the index.

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