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 142 days ago

Sanjay Swamy of Prime Ventures explains why it is an exciting time to be a fintech entrepreneur in India

Quick Summary

Sanjay Swamy, Managing Partner at Prime Ventures, who also co-founded ZipDial and EzeTap, talks about some key factors and trends pertaining to the fintech industry, and explains why it is an exciting time for a fintech entrepreneur. Watch the Prime Knowledge series with Sanjay Swamy brought to you by Prime Ventures, an early-stage VC fund investing in technology and product-focused businesses. As people and the authorities become more receptive, the time is ripe for fintech startups to set up shop and thrive. With the right incentives and support, entrepreneurs can build a team to integrate AI and blockchain into the Indian fintech industry. India may still have to find a niche, but the future of fintech and fintech founders seems extremely bright.

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