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Microsoft, G7 CR Technologies Launch SSB 360 Programme To Boost Indian Startups

The programme provides opportunities for startups and small enterprises to receive benefits of up to $3 Mn. To apply for ‘SSB 360’ programme, the startups should be established for at least ten years with revenue below INR 100 Cr. Moreover, the joint initiative between G7 CR and Microsoft is expected to provide a unique opportunity for startups to leverage Microsoft products, platforms and the market reach to scale up their business. Microsoft Scaleup ProgrammeLast month, the tech giant held an accelerator programme Microsoft Scaleup, under its Microsoft for Startups, where it declared to support 18 startups to help them by providing world-class technology, mentorship and other community benefits. Through this programme, Microsoft claimed to have helped startups right from its product development stage to exploring emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), internet of things (IoT) and blockchain among others.

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