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 47 days ago
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Even Whitelisted Websites Not Working In J&K, Tech Experts Explain Why

Quick Summary

Technology analysts Rohini Lakshane and Prateek Waghre said that they performed a workability test on the websites which were whitelisted by the government in the region. After completing the test, they found out that many of the whitelisted websites had usability issues. This analysis was first performed on 153 websites which were marked as whitelisted by the home department of the government of Jammu and Kashmir on 18 January 2020. 31 websites had to be removed from the research because of reasons such as duplicate URLs, no URLs, indeterminate URLs, or invalid URLs. The internet shutdown in Jammu and Kashmir is said to be the longest across the world with over 174 days (till January 25, 2020).

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