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Furniture retailer IKEA appoints a new CEO

Jon Abrahamsson Ring, a former assistant to furniture retailer IKEA's founder Ingvar Kamprad, has been named new the chief executive (CEO) of the Inter IKEA Group, the company said Tuesday. Under Loof's management, the Swedish flat-pack furniture company expanded into 15 new markets and is scheduled to open its first South American store in Chile next year. In 2008, Abrahamsson Ring left IKEA to become CEO of the Swedish fashion brand Filippa K, and later the CEO of the Nordic gardening store chain Plantagen. The Inter IKEA Group controls the IKEA brand and selects the franchises that sell its items worldwide – in physical stores or online. In November 2019, IKEA invested ‎€200 million to speed up its actions to become climate-positive by 2030.

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