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 174 days ago

Now, FabHotels sees a flurry of hotel checkouts

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NEW DELHI: A story eerily similar to Oyo and its hoteliers seems to be playing out at FabHotels, with hotel owners and industry associations accusing the Gurgaon-based hotel aggregator of arbitrary termination of contracts, non-payment of dues and stoppage of minimum guarantee amounts. “Our hotel partners are extremely sticky, and we have the best retention rates in this industry.”Aggarwal said some hotel partners are made to exit the network due to non-compliance of quality standards and tech systems’ adherence. “We follow weekly payment cycles, and in normal course of business, if a handful of hotel partners do not comply with our tech systems, their weekly payments might get delayed by a few days. That has no bearing on the status of their relationship with us,” he said.Ashraf Ali, president of Budget Hotel Association of Mumbai , said the association has received complaints from partners of FabHotels. Rashid said he had also complained to the police against the company in September last year.A Delhi hotel owner also said he is pursuing his matter legally.

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