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Intuition Robotics raises $36 million to bring AI companions to everyone

Founded in 2015, Intuition Robotics is creating what it calls “social companion” robots and related technologies, with an initial focus on reducing loneliness and isolation in elderly people. Digital assistants to digital companionsUltimately, Intuition Robotics sees its platform as facilitating the evolution from digital assistants to digital companions that fully understand context and can make decisions based on preset goals. ElliQ is just a demonstration of the underlying technology — last year, Intuition Robotics launched a cognitive AI platform called Q that brings the technology to third-party devices. “We are making fast progress, and we hope Toyota will release information soon,” Intuition Robotics cofounder and CEO Dor Skuler told VentureBeat. The company had previously raised $22 million, including its $14 million series A round from 2017 and a follow-on $6 million tranche from Samsung Next a year later.

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