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SimSim Bags Series B To Expand Video Commerce Play, Build Influencer Community

The whole concept of online shopping has been spiced up by social commerce and video commerce, with most of the success coming from the younger Tier 2 cities as well as Tier 3/4/5 cities. Banking on the power of social media and short videos is New Delhi-based SimSim, a video commerce app. Founded by Amit Bagaria, Kunal Suri, and Saurabh Vashishtha in June 2019, SimSim is a video commerce platform which sells products online through a video catalogue. Additionally, Walmart-owned ecommerce major Flipkart has also introduced a touch of video commerce on the mobile application through Flipkart Ideas. However, with the recently raised funds and its strong influencer network, SimSim is poised to make it a tough fight.

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