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Cheaper than Ola, Uber: How Quick Ride is making office commutes convenient

Quick Ride’s service can be availed using its mobile app which has an easy-to-use interface. Quick Ride authenticates all its user’s workplaces by verifying their workplace email id.In other features, you can see the number of rides they have driven with other Quick Ride passengers and the ratings bestowed on them. Varun Singamsetty from Bangalore, one of the most traffic congested cities in the country, has been using Quick Ride to pick up passengers on his way to the office for the last 4 months. Further, Quick Ride’s services are multifold. Secondly, the price to travel through Quick Ride is so much more reasonable and economical,” he said.According to Rao, every ride’s fare is calculated based on a “pool points” system.

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