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 67 days ago

HackerEarth - The world's largest community of developers!

Quick Summary

Similarly, Sachin Gupta and Vivek Prakash being app developers themselves launched their startup HackerEarth in 2012 with the motive to build an entirely meritocratic system using a sufficiently objective measure for an app developer’s skills. Still, there are a bunch of app developers who do not get the job they deserve. HackerEarth - Startup LaunchHackerEarth - Business Model and Revenue ModelHackerEarth - Startup ChallengesHackerEarth - Funding and InvestorsHackerEarth - GrowthHackerEarth - Future PlansHackerEarth - About and how it worksHackerearth LogoHackerEarth mainly focuses on crowdsourcing solutions from the developers’ community. HackerEarth - Startup ChallengesThe biggest challenge for HackerEarth like any other startup is to scale the programmers and keep them engaged on HackerEarth. Also, HackerEarth has grown into a global community of 2+ million developers driving creativity and innovation to the field like a force.

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