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[Funding alert] Venture Catalysts invests in insurance startup Insurance Samadhan

Venture Catalysts, an integrated incubator and accelerator platform, recently invested an undisclosed amount in seed round of funding in Delhi-based Insurance Samadhan, a tech-enabled insurance grievance redressal platform. "Insurance Samadhan is leveraging modern technologies and the expertise of its board members to organise this fragmented market. Catering to customers from diverse backgrounds, Insurance Samadhan allows anyone who has experienced mis-selling, fraud or claim rejection in life, health, and general insurance to file a complaint. Since its inception in 2018, Insurance Samadhan claims it has resolved more than 13,000 complaints. Post the tech is developed, Insurance Samadhan would be ready to scale up,� added Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, the spokesperson of Insurance Samadhan.

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