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 15 days ago

Drone pioneer Wingcopter a winner of German Government COVID-19 hackathon

Quick Summary

Today Wingcopter, the developer of autonomous delivery drones for humanitarian and commercial applications, has been named one of nine winners of the #SmartDevelopmentHack. The locals taking part will get access to a virtual education platform, and selected students will be provided with the applicable technical equipment and pre-installed software (internet-free) to help them learn to assemble, operate, and maintain Wingcopter drones. After proving the concept’s viability and successful implementation in Malawi, Wingcopter and UNICEF plan to adapt the concept and scale to Rwanda. So far, African countries have rather few confirmed COVID-19 infections, but medical experts are concerned that the number could be higher given the lack of testing. Wingcopter has been active in Malawi and other African countries before, significantly shortening patients’ waiting times by delivering medical commodities to hard-to-reach areas by drone.

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