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Online Grocery May Record $3 Bn In Sales In India In 2020 Thanks To Lockdown Demand

With supermarkets shut and kirana stores struggling to deliver, the online grocery segment is set for a phenomenal surge. US-based market research company Forrester Research noted that India’s online grocery market could make $3 Bn in sales this year, representing a whopping 76% hike compared to $1.7 Bn last year. Despite the heavy influx in the segment, BigBasket and Grofers, who have solely focused on grocery delivery since their launch, are the biggest players in the segment. Forrester Research has also elaborated that the additional $1.3 Bn in online grocery sales could also be the biggest driver of the overall ecommerce sales. Meanwhile, another market research firm Capgemini Research, in a recent report elaborated that convenience, health and safety and products/services that give a sense of purpose will see greater interest among customers.

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