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 4 days ago

‘Boycott Netflix’ Trends On Twitter After Outrage Over Alleged ‘Hinduphobic’ Content

Quick Summary

Some Twitter users have issued clarifications, saying that the allegations on Netflix are baselessHashtag ‘Boycott Netflix’ has been trending on Twitter with viewers alleging that the OTT giant has been peddling ‘Hinduphobic’ content through its recent showsIndians who are lapping up more OTT content in recent times due to lockdown and work from home, woke up to a surprise hashtag ‘Boycott Netflix’ on Monday morning. Many who had taken offence to a Telugu feature film ‘Krishna and His Leela’ were hurt over the film’s alleged ‘Hinduphobic’ content. Those heeding the call to ‘Boycott Netflix’ have also cited Bollywood actor-producer Anushka Sharma’s latest production ‘Bulbul’ for promoting ‘Hinduphobic’ content. Clarifications On Netflix’s Alleged ‘Hinduphobia’However, several Twitter users have pointed out that the song is an old Bengali folk song ‘Kolonkini Radha’, which has had many renditions over the years. As for ‘Krishna and His Leela’, the film isn’t a Netflix production but has merely been licensed to the OTT giant.

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