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Blockdaemon Raises $5.5M for its Leading Blockchain Infrastructure Platform

Leading blockchain infrastructure provider, Blockdaemon, works with some of the largest enterprises in the worldShell Oil to simplify the process of deploying nodes for these organizations as they dip their toes into the powerful potential of the blockchain. Blockdaemon’s out of the box solution helps auto-scale blockchain networks with a few clicks and the solution acts as the “middleware tool” across every stage of a project. The versatility of the platform supports the deployment of nodes with just three clicks irrespective of cloud provider or infrastructure. Blockdaemon is a leading blockchain infrastructure provider, its node management platform helps auto-scale blockchain networks securely with enhanced monitoring, back-up systems, HA clusters, APIs and cloud-managed node monitoring of on-premises solutions with our Blockchain Package Manager (BPM). In our next phase of growth, Blockdaemon is broadening its vision of infrastructure to include deeper financial reporting and APIs.

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