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Ireland-based e-commerce software provider Scurri raises a further €1.5 million to support continued growth

Scurri, the software provider that connects and optimises the e-commerce ordering, shipping, and delivery process, today announced a further €1.5 million investment to support continued growth. A group of existing investors and associates including Act Venture Capital, Episode 1, Pa Nolan, and others, are continuing to support the company in this round. The new growth opportunities have accelerated growth plans for Scurri which, with support from investors, is now fast tracking several key strategic hires over the next six months to accommodate this growth with longer term plans to expand into new territories. Contrary to the slowed growth in other sectors as a result of the pandemic, e-commerce is booming. Scurri’s SaaS platform underpins the delivery experience for many of the fastest growing independent eCommerce brands that are redefining their categories.

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