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ShareChat Moj, Flipkart's 2GudSocial see a big slot

BENGALURU: Regional language social media platform ShareChat has quietly launched a short-video app Moj , on the Google Play Store, two days after 59 Chinese apps - including Helo and TikTok - were banned by the government. At the same time, homegrown e-commerce company Flipkart , too, is piloting a new social commerce platform - 2GudSocial - with influencer-led video commerce, aimed at consumers from small towns and lower-income groups, sources aware of the development told ET.Chinese apps have an estimated 200-300 million unique users in the country, and these companies are trying to leverage the void that will be created by the ban, industry experts said. "People from TikTok, Viva Video, Vigo Video, New Video Status, Vmate, U Video, SelfieCity, Beauty Plus, YouCam makeup, Wonder Camera, Photo Wonder, Sweselfie, Hago are welcome to 100% Made in India Short Video App by ShareChat," the company said on Google Play Store, where it has already garnered 10,000 downloads with a 4.4 rating.

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