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Vendia Raises $5.1M in Seed Funding

Vendia, a San Francisco, CA-based multi-cloud serverless platform for sharing distributed data in real time, raised $5.1m in seed funding. The round was led by Neotribe’s Swaroop ‘Kittu’ Kolluri with participation from Correlation Ventures, WestWave Capital, HWVP, Firebolt Ventures, Floodgate and Future\Perfect Ventures. Vendia provides Share, which targets AI/ML, Supply Chain, and Data Analytics use cases by helping enterprise IT address the challenges of working with distributed data and code that span companies, cloud providers, and technology stacks. Users can create distributed, multi-party applications from a schema, so no coding skills are required to get started, while scaling to hundreds of thousands of transactions effortlessly. The company is working with early design partners in Automotive, Supply Chain Management, and Manufacturing, as well as Solutions Integrators and resellers like Slalom and Trek10.

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