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1sm Announces Pre-Seed Funding of $375K

1sm Announces Pre-Seed Funding of $375K Back to HomeNEW YORK, NY, 1sm announced it closed a pre-seed funding round of $375,000Accoriding to CityBizList, 1sm announced that it closed a pre-seed funding round of $375,000 with participation from Jenny Fielding (Managing Director at Techstars), Tim Geisenheimer (Founder & COO at Facet Data), Michael Ruskin (COO at Jetson), and Josh Dunham (VP, Partnerships & Business Development at Life Happens), along with senior executives and angels from Oracle, Okta, mParticle, Pitchbook, BlueCrest Capital Management, and The Venture Center. 1sm is a Real-Time Sales & Marketing Analytics Platform, purpose built to help revenue generating, operations and product teams collaborate through data. Integrate with your favorite sales and marketing tools to find product-market fit and identify what content resonates with your buyer personas/ideal customer profiles, while eliminating the noisy content your prospects don't care about.

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