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Gurugram-based PumPumPum raises seed funding from LetsVenture

PumPumPum, a Gurugram-based startup to offer ‘used car leasing’ in the corporate and retail segment, announced that it has raised Rs 2.2 crore seed funding from LetsVenture Syndicate, led by Pallav Pandey (former Co-founder and CEO, Fastfox). Commenting on the funding, Tarun Lawadia, Founder and CEO, PumPumPum added, “We are committed to offer a hassle-free smart car experience with zero down-payments, zero maintenance charges and zero insurance premiums. Ranging from monthly subscriptions of Rs 10,000 to Rs 1 lakh, PumPumPum car subscriptions are dynamic, based on duration of subscription. Witnessing a huge demand for luxury cars in the segment, we are also planning to offer Used Luxury Cars in the leasing format. IoT-enabled cars add smart features to economical cars that are easily accessible by the user through the PumPumPum app.

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