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Greek proptech startup Prosperty raises €1.1 million seed funding to digitalise real estate processes

Athens-based proptech startup Prosperty has raised €1.1 million in seed funding from Velocity.Partners and Metavallon VC, as well as some angel investors. The real estate platform is about to launch in Greece and is slated to expand to other countries next year. The Prosperty platform will facilitate the selling and renting of real estate, from listings of ‘fully audited’ properties with 3D-assisted presentations and virtual tours, to digitalised documents and online services around technical, legal and notary procedures. Both investing funds hail from the startup’s home city. “Our involvement in one of the biggest seed financing rounds for an entirely Greek startup demonstrates our trust in the vision and capacity of the Prosperty team to lead the development of the real estate sector in Greece,” says Giorgos Mousmoulas, partner at Metavallon.

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