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 5 days ago

Don’t miss today’s Startup Alley Ask Me Anything Session at 1pm PT – TechCrunch

Quick Summary

Today’s the day for all you early-stage startup founders to learn everything you’ve always wanted to know about Startup Alley but were afraid to ask (10 points if you get that pop culture reference). Learn about the benefits, opportunities and exposure that come from exhibiting your business in Startup Alley — from founders just like you. The AMA kicks off with a quick overview of Disrupt and Startup Alley, and then we’ll move into a panel discussion moderated by the Startup Alley team. Digital Startup Alley may be virtual, but the connections and opportunities that come from exhibiting there are very real. Join us for the Digital Startup Ask Me Anything Session — it’s free — at 4 p.m. ET/ 1 p.m. PT.

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