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Facebook Looks To Strike More Jio Like Deals In India & Globally

After exploring WhatsApp’s use cases with Reliance’s grocery delivery platform JioMart, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg is preparing himself to strike similar deals in and outside India. Zuckerberg, in the second quarter earning call with the analyst, said that India has a huge opportunity to enable small businesses and individuals to buy and sell things through Whatsapp. “A big part of the partnership that we have with Jio will be to wire up and get thousands of kiranas, small businesses across India, onboarded onto WhatsApp to do commerce there. Commenting on the fundraise, Facebook’s chief revenue office David Fischer and Facebook India head Ajit Mohan added that Facebook aims to bring over 60 Mn Indian small businesses under the digital economy umbrella. Facebook brings together friends and families, but moreover, it’s one of the country’s biggest enablers of growth for small businesses,” the duo had added, in a blog post.

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