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Caps Medical Closes $3.5M Series A Funding

Caps Medical, a Netanya, Israel-based developer of a highly selective and minimally invasive non-thermal plasma device for cancer treatment, completed a $3.5m Series A financing round. The funding will enable CAPS Medical to perform its first clinical trial and assist the company in further developing its portfolio for treatments of solid tumors. Founded in 2018 by MEDX Xelerator, an Israeli Innovation Authority incubator, Caps Medical expects that the results of these studies will contribute to achieving regulatory clearance in the U.S. market. Harel Gadot, Company Group Chairman of MEDX Ventures Group, and Executive Chairman of XACT Robotics, will serve as the Executive Chairman of CAPS Medical’s board of directors. Since its inception, the company has been supported by MEDX Xelerator, with Boston Scientific and MEDX Ventures Group, partners in the incubator, being the major shareholders in it.

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