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Bengaluru Court Restricts CureFoods From Selling Movable Assets

The case was filed by the landlord who alleged that the company had withheld rental paymentsThe court filed an injunction order against CureFood, restraining it from selling movable assets such as kitchen equipmentAn injunction order filed by a commercial court in Bengaluru against CureFoods, a subsidiary of Indian health and fitness soonicorn, has restrained the company from selling its movable assets such as kitchen equipment. The case was filed by CureFoods’ landlord, who alleged that the company had withheld its rental payments and not honoured the lock-in period of the lease. In its termination notice for the lease, claimed that its business was affected due to the Covid-19 lockdown. In May, had laid off around 1000 employees and pulled back its Tier 2 presence by shutting down its physical fitness centres. The company’s employees told Inc42 at the time that layoffs had happened across the board — from trainers (master and lead trainers) to human resource executives to managers and centre heads.

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