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Delightree raises $3M to help franchise business owners simplify their operations – TechCrunch

For many owners, that’s a constant juggling act of phone calls, check lists and driving back and forth from store to store. Delightree, a company out of the previous Alchemist Accelerator class, has raised $3 million to build a tool hyper-focused on helping owners of franchise businesses (think hotels, gyms, restaurant chains, etc.) If something gets missed along the way, Delightree can automatically ping the owner to let them know before it becomes an issue. Delightree is currently working directly with each new customer to help them through the initial setup — specifically, to help franchisees take the standard operating procedures they receive directly from the brand owners and turn them into Delightree workflows. This $3 million seed round was funded by Accel Partners, Emergent Ventures, Brainstorm Ventures, Axilor Ventures and Alchemist.

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