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Stanford business school graduates knew their classmates would soon found great startups, and they created a unique club to invest in them. The result is a $1.5 million fund bound by loyalty, communit

A group of students at Stanford's Graduate School of Business wanted to find a way to collectively invest in startups founded by their classmates. So they created an investment club backed by nearly half of the GSB's 2020 graduating class, who have together staked the vehicle with $1.5 million. Steph MuiDubbed 2020 Investment Club, the funding vehicle is designed to do just what the three friends envisioned — invest in startups founded by their classmates. Although Mui, Mushin, Ramakrishnan, and four of their classmates will help manage the club, it's set up as a passive investment vehicle. Learn to Win just closed a seed funding round that 2020 Investment Club participated in.

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