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Byju’s has acquired WhiteHat Jr., a live coding platform for kids, for $300 million in all-cash deal

In a deal that was rumoured for quite some time, ed-tech behemoth Byju’s has acquired Mumbai-based WhiteHat Jr., in an all-cash deal worth a massive $300 Million. The roughly 18 months old WhiteHat Jr., which gives kids their first taste of coding, will continue to operate as a separate entity under Byju’s. In terms of external capital raised, WhiteHat Jr. had raised about $11 million from Omidyar Network, Owl Ventures and Nexus Venture Partners. Karan Bajaj, founder of WhiteHat Jr, will continue to lead and scale this business in India and the US. “WhiteHat Jr is the leader in the live online coding space.

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