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Delhi-based Fitspire raises $220K in pre-seed funding round

Fitspire, a health and wellness startup, announced that it has raised $200,000 in its pre-seed round led by Nikhil Parmar and Priyanka Madnani, Founders, EasytoPitch, along with Bollywood Singer Sukhbir Singh and other investors. Founded in 2019 by Vipen Jain, Fitspire provides various health and wellness products in the nutritional segment. Focussed on plant-based food products, Fitspire claims to be India’s first vegan and vegetarian health wellness brand. Commenting on the development, Vipen Jain, Founder and CEO, Fitspire, said, “We are very excited to have EasytoPitch, Sukhbir Singh, and others as our partners. The brand has been witnessing key developments in terms of product innovation and portfolio expansion over the past few months.

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