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PlayStation just made a big TV commercial push for Ghost of Tsushima

Gaming industry TV ad spend saw a 5.39% decrease in July, dipping down to an estimated $17.8 million from June’s $18.7 million. GamesBeat has partnered with, the always-on TV ad measurement and attribution platform, to bring you a monthly report on how gaming brands are spending. The results below are for the top five gaming-industry brands in July, ranked by estimated national TV ad spend. Longtime chart leader PlayStation spent an estimated $13.2 million, airing two spots over 2,000 times, resulting in 573.3 million TV ad impressions. 2K Games rounds out the ranking with an estimated outlay of $302,815 on six airings of “Brawl Without Limits,” which racked up 2.5 million TV ad impressions.

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