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Zomato allows female employees to avail 10 days of ‘period leave’ per year

Zomato-India’s biggest food delivery platform and a household name at this point, has taken one of the most progressive steps in Indian business world when it comes to a more women friendly workspace, allowing female employees 10 days of ‘period leave’ per year. In a blog post, Zomato explains the reason for choosing ’10 days’ as the optimal period leave option, by saying that since the average woman’s menstrual cycle lasts 14 days, adding weekends into account-women should have 10 extra days of leave as compared to men. Any employee looking to apply for a period leave can do so on the company’s HR portal. Zomato has become one the most successful Indian startups, and is finally on the way to profitability. Zomato saw its revenues doubling from the past year to $394 million in FY20.

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