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Prime Venture Partners names former Helion co-founder Ashish Gupta as partner emeritus

NEW DELHI: Prime Venture Partners has brought on board veteran venture capital investor Ashish Gupta as partner emeritus, the Bengaluru-headquartered, early-stage venture capital firm announced on Wednesday.Gupta, who is based in the US, was one of the cofounders of Helion Venture Partners , one of India’s first home-grown venture capital firms. In his role at Prime Venture Partners, Gupta will be part of the for’s investment committee, while also serving as a mentor and advisor to its overall portfolio, an official statement said.“Our success is largely dependent on our abilities to choose the right entrepreneur and the right opportunities. To that end, the quality of decision-making is something we can always improve, and get in people, who have different insights and experiences. “We are right in the middle of Fund-3. We are finalising 2-3 fresh investments, and have been more active during the Covid-19 pandemic,” he said.

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